Friday, November 30, 2012

Return and Transformation

I have been on hiatus as of late but I am now back!

A lot has occurred in my time away. X Factor Vintage has

grown to be a 600 member strong Etsy team, My business partner

bought me out, I Changed the name of my shop and added a second,

and also got a new kitty name Snickers.

I shared this on Etsy and may as well share it on my blog for you all to read!

"I just got a cat before thanksgiving and wouldn't you know it as I'm preparing to do a marathon of Cyber Monday listings she gets violently ill. I took her to the vets today and they said, "if you cant pay up front there's nothing we can do to help you". I said "so you are just going to let her die?".. And the vet said I know it's tough"..very uncool. Anyways I was under the impression she swallowed a marble that she liked playing with and would need a surgery that costs 1000 dollars. I considered spending every penny I have in the bank right now and doing a wholesale sale of my inventory to save her...Well today Snickers is acting normal and since the visit has started eating n drinking like normal so I guess I keep my shop a bit longer."

She is fine now and ever energetic!