Monday, April 21, 2014

Door County Vintage Weekly Wrap Up

Door County Vintage Weekly Wrap Up

Hey guys I hope all is well with you. It has been one rough year since my last post. 
 I have had everything from major financial setbacks to deaths of close relatives and everything in between! I am happy to report things are looking up! I should now be able to keep up with my blog!

There is my cat Snickers posing for the camera in my studio setup. 
This is a common occurrence :)

As far as my Etsy I had a sale today which was welcome news due to a recent dry spell. 

                     This beautiful cherub doorknocker sold for $45.00

I have not added any new items for a week or so which is a no no! 

My AAA Support teammates on Etsy would be the first to tell me I should be ashamed of my

Earthday 2014

With #earthday here I would like to encourage all who read this to not just use 

this day to become aware of the earths importance and the issues facing it but 

also make real efforts everyday to make a difference. If you see garbage on the 

ground pick it up,if you see a spot in your yard that could use flowers or even a 

tree plant them, if you hear of a fundraiser to clean the ocean or to purify water 

for the poor buy a plate. If we all look outside the bubble we surround ourselves 

with we can make sure our grandchildren have a planet to enjoy.

That being said I'll share a few #earthday inspired items in my shop.

                                             A Vintage Hull Bud Vase

                                     Antique Tokanabe Ware Vase

                                          Pair of Small Red Bud Vases

Well that is all for today guys off to prepare my steak ramen stir fry and cucumber salad for dinner..yummo!